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Forget the other shallow reviews, I will share how this method has changed my life..

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​Welcome to my review of the Kinetic Attraction training system by Adam Lyons.  Before I write anything, I need to say this has changed my life for the better.

And I have to be honest here, I really only found out about the Kinetic Attraction method when I ran across this site which also lead me to this video:

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If you are like me and it helps you slam that thumbs up button.

​I’ve always been a little bit shy, maybe even an introvert (although I hate that word as it seems to define me as someone without anything to say, and that is so far from the truth – I just have trouble finding women who want to hear what I have to say).

kinetic attraction woman

​ Well that has all changed.  I now find myself out in public and the women I would be afraid to approach and talk to, the ones I find the most attractive, are actually coming up to me.


With Adam’s help I have learned what to say (and when to say it), and it has almost like a magic pill, changed every interaction that I have with these women.

Read more to hear my story and understand why I love this program so much.​

Kinetic Attraction Method – What Is It?

The dKinetic Attraction Metho

​The Kinetic Attraction method is… amazing.  I could go on and on, but trust me, it literally reprograms how you interact with everyone, especially hot women.  It has kind of made me somewhat of a chick magnet.  I know that sounds crazy, I even kind of laughed out loud as I typed it.

What Do You Get When You Order Kinetic Attraction?

​You get all sorts of amazing!

OK seriously.  You get hours and literally hours of training videos and focused training modules that reprogram your brain to behave, act, and BECOME the type of attractive man that women find irresistible.​  Yes, I said it.  Women now find me irresistible.

It’s like a dream come true.  Pinch me.  Nah, I pinched myself.  And I am still here, and every time I go out in public, it’s almost like I am a rock star at a rave.  I get approached non-stop.

But back to the topic.  You not only get all of the training in modules all filmed in HD video with his hot girlfriends, you also get the following welcome bonuses:

The Kinetic Attraction Bonuses

​There are also two bonus training modules packed with even more videos, and you get trial access to his amazing Body Language Academy where he goes even deeper into how to have amazing, irresistible body language that women simply can not resist.


Who Can Benefit The Most From The Kinetic Attraction Principles?

​You can!

Of course I, being the introvert and shy guy feel I had to most to gain.. and oh boy did I.  I went from sleeping with 3 women in the my 35 years of life, the sleeping with 11 more in the last 2 months.

Do the math.  That is legendary for a guy like me.

And these aren’t last minute, women desperate for anything (I would never settle for that), these are super smoking hot babe who have always been out of my league.

But now, it almost seems in many regards, I am out of their league.  I finally have my choice in women and dating.​

​Conclusion And Personal Recommendation

​You should get this right away!  No seriously.  Stop everything.  Grab a snack and a drink and dig into this training.  By tomorrow your life will change.

OK that was a bit quick for a conclusion.  If you want to finally gain confidence with women who were previously out of your league and actually have them approaching you with no chance of rejection, this is the program for you.  Adam breaks it all down, and simplifies it to a method that anyone can use.

Plus, like I said, after watching his three pronged approach which consists of explaining what to do, then sharing why it works from a scientific view point and then finally demonstrating the technique on his got girlfriends, it literally buries the methods deep into your subconscious.  This is great as it simply becomes part of your personality and you will find yourself apply the methods without even being aware of it.

You may not even notice, but the women around you will, and that is when you realize how powerful the Kinetic Attraction principles are and how they simply can not be ignored by women.

​OK, whew, enough of my advice.  Go check it out for yourself.

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Christopher Edwards